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Close-up Rough Riders Sliver

1.Early in Tom's career he starred in a Close-up Toothpaste Commercial? He plays the friend of a cowboy who is trying to impress a girl.

2. Tom has appeared in a music video? UB40 sang the song "Can't Help Falling In Love" for the 1993 Sliver soundtrack. Their video of the song appeared on MTV and includes clips of Tom and the rest of the Sliver cast.

3. One of Tom's films set a record for viewers? Rough Riders,drew more viewers than any other original movie or miniseries in basic cable history. 32.9 million viewers for its cumulative showing on the TNT Network.

4. Tom once appeared in a Japanese commercial. It happened in 1991 for Lark cigarettes. In it, Tom is in a red sports car with a beautiful Italian-looking woman, being chased by bad guys.

5. Tom is fluent in Spanish?

6. Tom used to model men's clothes? Wilhelmina Modeling Agency lists Tom as a former client.
Did You Know

7. Tom once owned his own production company? First Corps Endeavors An Occasional Hell (1996), Avenging Angel (1995),Rough Riders (1997). The production company ceased operations in 1997.

8. Tom chose his stage name, Berenger, from his best friend's name (Behringer) at Rich East High School?

9. Tom used to be a flight steward for Eastern Airlines shortly after graduating from the University of Missouri? Tom was based out of San Juan.

10.There is an Acting Scholarship offered in Tom's name at his alma mater, The University of Missouri, in Columbia, Missouri

11. Two of Tom's daughters had parts in Avenging Angel? Chelsea Berenger played Amanda Heaton and Chloe Berenger played Emma Heaton. Tom's daughter Chelsea appeared in Last Rites as the baby being baptized. The baptismal mother is played by Chelsea's mom, and Tom's second wife, Lisa.

Lark Avenging Angel An Occasional Hell
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