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Someone To Watch Over Me Looking For Mr. Goodbar The Substitute

Last of the Dogmen
Mr. Berenger's performance in this one film, alone, should have been recognized by the "industry"; his performances are so understated that makes his characters all the more real. He, along with Steve Reevis, are a vanishing breed - a male performer whose masculinity would never be questioned. Good Lord, these men are handsomest of the handsomest. G. Taylor

Last of the Dogmen/Someone To Watch Over Me

I just love this wonderful movie. Last of the Dogmen is my favorite soul movie. I think Tom Berenger is outstanding as Lewis Gates and the chemistry between Tom and Barbara is special and heartwarming. I think every scene in this movie is amazing. And Tom Berenger is so handsome and sexy. I can´t see this beautiful movie without hitting the replay button many times. Another Tom Berenger favorite movie is Someone To Watch Over Me. He looks just gorgeous in this movie. For me Tom is the best actor in the world! Iann from Sweden

Looking For Mr. Goodbar/Betrayed

Looking For Mr. Goodbar is a surprising choice as this is such a shocking film but Tom Berenger really made a brave decision by deciding to play such a vile, slimy character so boldly. After seeing him in these kind of parts I would go as far as to say he is just as, if not more, talented as the likes of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. His looks are to die for, he's an AMAZING actor. Why is he so underrated? I hope he reads this. Chloe - Wales UK

Sniper 3
Now I am not a huge fan of military films but the Sniper series are awesome, in particular in Sniper 3 my favorite scene is where he shoots the nerve in that mans hand causing him to pull the trigger on his gun, killing his intended target, that was really smart thinking. Being the good looking man he is I could watch military films all day if they starred him. Jamie Australia

Butch/Rough Riders/One Man's Hero

I've been a fan of Tom's work since I first saw him in "Butch & Sundance: The Early Years." Tom and I are around the same age so I go back some. Picking out a favorite film he has done is extremely difficult since they are all very good and Tom does a marvelous job in each. I particularly enjoy his westerns (we can never have enough of those) and his films based on history. His portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt is the best I have ever seen. I hope to see a Director's Cut of "Rough Riders", with all the extras, released on DVD real soon! I am amazed it hasn't yet."One Man's Hero" is definitely a winner. I can sure tell Tom poured his heart and soul into that film and it's a subject hardly touched upon. Top of the line, Tom! Keep up the great work, Tom! I always look forward to all your projects!!! John in Burien, Wa.

Last Rites:
Went he put it all together that Angela was just using him just to get away from his family and the police and when he took off the ring. She knew who he was from the beginning. Phyllis

Platoon / At Play In The Fields Of The Lord:

Sgt. Barnes shows us the unchangeable soul of a war torn man, unable to see past his duty. Lewis Moon shows us that a hardend outer shell of a man can be changed by heritage. Two very different characters played perfectly by a wonderful, under rated actor. Tom in Wisconsin

As far as I've seen Tom's movies, the best I liked is the Platoon and Sniper. The most impressive scene I like is from the movie Sniper, in which, when that CIA renegade agent tortured Tom, so that he reveal his identity and goes at the extremes, at that time Tom cry and after extreme torture, yelled these words: "Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Becket United States Marines." That scene made me cry for several minutes and left a very deep impression. I wish him all the best in his carrier and he is one of the best actors of this world. Muhammad Junaidlatoon

My favorite movie of Tom's is Platoon. When they're back at base camp after Barnes (Tom) shoots Elias and pretty much leaves him for dead.Chris is trying to convince everyone that Barnes is guilty of the act. Barnes walks in drunk and asks them, among other things, if they know what reality is? The look in Tom's eye and sound of his voice when he said ,"I am reality!" Just sent shivers up my spine. To think that he lost himself in the war that much is scary to me. Especially knowing that there were probably people in Vietnam just like him. tsabat

Last Rites/In Praise of Older Women:
(Last Rites) When Tom is standing in the rectory with only his pants & suspenders, he is a vision himself. And that daydream! Ooh! (In Praise)When Andras tells Maya that he will throw himself into the Danube if she will not make love with him. You just want to grab him yourself! Roe K.

Gettysburg/Avenging Angel:
I have two favorites: Gettysburg and The Avenging Angel. Mr. Berenger was so convincing as Longstreet. I am a Civil War buff and have seen it at least 20 times. My favorite part is when he wants to go after the Yankees after the failure of Pickett's Charge.In The Avenging Angel he was, playful, tender, and strong; a great character for him. Debora Kay Louks

Of my favorites I would say the line in Cutaway. He is full of meds and can hardly stand, comes in on Vic and Star talking about Vic giving up skydiving. " Who in the H--- would chose this?" Also the scene where he (Red Line) and Vic (Steven Baldwin) have just done the first of several illegal drug drops, Vic ask his real name. The sadness in his face and voice give a good insight into the character. This film made me want to do things I have never wanted to do in my life. I have a strong desire to go, 'once', on a real skydive.As for Tom Berenger, can't think of any movie he has made, to date, that I don't like. He has a unique talent as well as great looks. I like the 'good bad boy' he depicts so well.Thank you, Tom, for the many hours of entertainment. sdryms

Last of The Dogmen: If I am allowed a second posting, please - everyone listen to Tab Murphy's Directors Comments on the Last of the Dogmen DVD.  It is so interesting and informative.  He gives us a very personal view of the production.  I could hardly believe all the time and effort it takes to put one movie out there for us to enjoy!!  I notice Mr. Murphy has taken the time to view this site - good for him!  He says this was his first (I think) directoral effort - if so - hurrah for him!  Every scene was a treasure and I cannot see this movie enough times!  Dotti

Last of the Dogmen At Play In the Fields of the Lord Platoon

Gettysburg: Tom did a great job as Lt General James Longstreet and he had that character down pat. General Longstreet was like that in Life as well. General Longstreet said in his book after the Civil War that the 3rd day at Gettysburg was the worst day of his life and Tom played the part to the tee when he gives Pickett the nod to go in.That is the most historically correct Movie of the Civil War I have ever seen. Since Tom is a Civil War buff he should do more work in that time period.I know every line he had as Longstreet. DThom

This is my favorite Tom movie, although I also loved Last of the Dogmen.  As James Longstreet he comes across as intelligent, sympathetic and downright sexy!  I can't believe he's not reprising the role for Gods and Generals.  Why ever not? Vicky in Virginia 

My favorite scene is in Platoon. Actually its a tie between the one where Tom's lying on the ground, half dead and charlie walks up behind him and within a few seconds BLAM BLAM BLAM, Tom's dead. I almost wanted to cry because I hated the fact that one of toms characters had to die. The other is when tom and willem are running through the bushes and then they see each other and willem has a grin on his face. Tom lowers his gun then willem has that look in his eyes like ''oh crap'', then boom...he's dead. I almost cried in that scene too. Mary B., Michigan

The Big Chill:
I think his vulnerability, humor, respect for his friends and overall grief show what a major talent he is.A wonderful movie for a wonderful actor.  Sherry

At Play in the Fields of The Lord:
Mine is At Play... he did the full frontal (non-sexual) nude scene way before Harvey Keitel's The Piano which was sexual. He observes as new Christian missionaries move in to the bush to push conversion on the natives with tangible gifts. All along he as been neutral and sees the missionaries being accepted for the bribes they offer. So, feeling left out, he offers himself to a tribe. He leaves everything about his life behind to start a new one with this tribe. Regardless of who they are, men have long had a complex about their size. Women have been bearing their breasts on the big screen for decades, now it's about time that the men come to the plate.  Barbara F., UT

At Play in the Fields of the Lord/ Last of the Dogmen/etc: Too many to list, but here are some stand-outs I love:At Play in the Fields of the Lord - why didn't Tom get an Oscar for this? Who else have you seen play 2/3 of a role stark naked? My favorite scenes were when he drank the poisoned booze and staggered outside the bar and howled at the moon and the final scene where he could never go back and was alone and is responsible (in his mind) for the eradication of the tribe. Tom is an amazing, talented actor who always satisfies and (thank God) has the self esteem to eschew Hollywood!!I also adore Last of the Dogmen - except for the voice-over - it is not needed!! Another particular favorite is Someone to Watch Over Me - such a human story and Tom is just outstanding as the good man and father who sees what wealth can offer and almost loses himself and his family as he nearly succumbs to the human failings of envy and desire. Of course the classics The Big Chill and Eddie and the Cruisers are also high on my list. I hope others have noted how well Tom handles various accents - from the New York cop in Someone to Watch...., to Ernie in An Occasional Hell to Cain in Johnson County War (a great movie) to the Bear in The Junction Boys. All in all, Tom is my very favorite actor and I am trying to collect every movie he ever made!!! Dottie

At Play in the Fields of the Lord/ Last of the Dogmen:
It's a toss up between At Play in the Fields of the Lord and Last of the Dogmen although all of Tom's films have been exceptional.  My only wish would be that his films be shown more often on local TV channels. Too often they are only shown on cable, which I can't get. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of USA Television series Peacekeepers starring Tom early next year.Aloha.Marie, in Hawaii

Someone To Watch Over Me/etc.:
My favorite Tom Berenger picture probably would be Someone to Watch Over Me. He looks soooo good in that movie.  Lorraine Bracco is so lucky.  But how can you forget Platoon, Betrayed w/Debra Winger, Major League ,and of course The Big Chill.  Lois from New Jersey

The Substitute/Last of the Dogmen/etc.:
I have almost all of Tom Berengers movies. It is hard to pick out one favorite movie let alone on scene. One of my fav is The Substitute. Love the look in the movie. My favorite scene...When they are kissing on the couch and he knocks over the lamp. Nice touch of humor. Love Tom Berenger but don't like when he plays the bad guy. He is a great versatile actor but like him better as the good guy..LOL. He has so many great films..Last of the Dogmen, Shoot to Kill, Sniper (another fav), Platoon,Substitute, True Blue. I could go on an on. Betty

Last of the Dogmen/Platoon:
Well, that's a hard one, especially since he's such a great, versatile actor. I love watching him in movies where he's on horseback, so one of the most memorable scenes is Last of the Dogmen where he's looking for the escaped prisoners during the early dawn hours. He looks so comfortable on a horse! And of course, who wouldn't mention Platoon.  Even though most of us did not like the character he played, once again, he just showed his depth as a character as Sergeant Barnes. MLM from TN

Eddie and the Cruisers/Last of the Dogmen:
I think I first saw him as Word Man in Eddie and the Cruisers, he was great!  His character takes a lot from Eddie (Michael Pare), but does also grow thru Eddie's guidance.  Also, I really enjoyed Last of the Dogmen, he was spectacular, again!! Many memorable scenes in that one as well. Aislinn11

Last of the Dogmen/Sniper:
My favorite scene is the second kiss in Last Of The Dogmen.    I know almost every line of this movie - it's my favorite soul movie.  It's a great movie and many don't know of it.  But that kiss!  I can't see the movie without hitting the replay button.  Second best Tom movie is Sniper .  Even seeing it today, Tom keeps me on the edge of the seat.  I love to watch him ride a horse - beautiful! Patsy

Johnson County War:
I've just been reading the different comments on the favorite scenes from Tom Berenger movies.  I have sat here for the longest and have not been able to come up with any one scene that I enjoyed more than another.  I am a total dyed in the wool Tom fan.  He has brought each character he has played to life.  When you watch Tom in a role he is the person, not just an actor playing a part.  The only other person to ever make me feel this way is Paul Newman.  Paul had been my heart throb for  many years until Tom came along and no one can beat him.  My only complaint is that Tom is not in more A list movies and I always hate it when he dies in the story line.  I just saw Johnson County War on the Hallmark channel for the third time and Tom is just as good a cowboy as he has always been as a soldier.  What a thrill to see him riding a horse down Times Square to promote that movie.  I could rattle on and on but I guess I should give some one else room to write comments. Polly

Someone To Watch Over Me:
I just watched Someone to Watch Over Me AGAIN last night on TV. I had almost forgotten how stunning Tom was in that film. My favorite scene? It's that indelible image of his first kiss with Claire -- the hesitation and then his hands in her hair ... I think Tom is one of the most obviously unsung heroes of the film world. And he is so handsome and certainly the sexiest actor I have ever seen. Ellen -- Ohio

Last of the Dogmen:
I have a few favorite movies that will be with me on my deserted island, The Bishop's Wife, Somewhere in Time and Last Of The Dogmen. Every scene is wonderful.  It has everything for everyone, the scenery is beyond breathtaking, the music is hauntingly beautiful, the action, Barbara Hershey falling down the mountain and Tom Berenger rescuing her.   And the kiss at the end, like the others have sad, still makes me cry.   The little girl with that wonderful dog Zip. This movie with Tom is the best ever. Thank you Mr. Murphy for an amazing movie. Karen R - Costa Mesa, California

The Substitute: It would have to be when, in The Substitute , wearing his bullet-proof vest no less!! Tom unlocks the old lady from the room in the library, and gives her the most drop-dead GORGEOUS smile you have ever seen! Sonya from New Zealand
Fan Favorites
Last of the Dogmen: My favorite Tom Berenger movie has to be Last Of The Dogmen mainly because I'm partial to Tom Berenger and Native American Indian movies.  The history of the Native Americans fascinate me not only because of their strength, endurance, and spirit; but also their dignity, grace, and determination.  We have so much to learn from them.  Tom Berenger and Barbara Hershey seem to have a special chemistry in this movie.  Trishia from Georgia.

Gettysburg: My favorite Berenger role has to be General James Longstreet in Gettysburg . The most moving scene, for me, is when he is sitting on the fence and, unable to verbally give the order for the charge, nods his head. It was a difficult order since he knew the charge was doomed. Jean S

The Avenging Angel: I like the part in the end of Avenging Angel where character Joseph Rigbey has just shot his wife Sarah accidentally, and Miles Utley is on top of him with a gun to his chin, and says, "Bastard, I'm sending you to hell!" Sarah is screaming, no, no, stop, don't, no, etc. And he says, "After all he's done, after all the pain, you're tryin' to save his soul!" "No Miles, I'm trying to save your soul." she says, and he stands down. Jackal

Last of the Dogmen: My favorite scene is when He kisses Barbara Hershey in The Last Of The Dogmen, or I should say, the second kiss where he rides back and jumps off his horse. You can see the passion in his eyes plus the hurt because he is leaving. It makes my heart melt every time. Meggy

Rough Riders: It has to be Rough Riders. My favorite scene is after the troop had taken San Juan Hill, and everything was quiet. All the guys were standing around watching Teddy. Things had not gone well on the way up the hill and in anger, he had screamed out 'were they a bunch of cowards?' - not exact quote here, please. Anyway, after they were on the hill and it was very quiet, he gave a little speech to the guys, and he said, "There are no cowards here." His voice was breaking and he was on the verge of tears. I cried. Lynn from IN

Platoon: Sgt. Barnes. Platoon. I'll never forget the look in his eyes when he is about to shoot William Deaf. That little smirk on his face. That absolute look of animalistic chaos in his soul. I was completely stunned when I watched it in the theater. I literally jumped out of my skin when Deaf fell back. Bill from GA

An Occasional Hell: In An Occasional Hell, when Tom's character, Ernie, is describing to the woman why he didn't make love to her the night before and why he left while she was sleeping. His eyes tear up as he lifts his shirt to reveal the tubes that filter into his kidney, and explains to her how he was shot and how he doesn't have the use of his kidneys any longer. He is nearly sobbing as he tells her how he needs to hook himself up to a machine every 6 hours and flush his system out. You can see the pain and embarrassment on this man's face as he tells her, "I was embarrassed. I didn't think it would be very romantic." It's a scene that gets me every time. I just want to crawl through the screen and let poor Ernie cry on my shoulder. Kim D. from PA

The Substitute: The movie The Substitute is a movie I like. My favourite scene is when the teacher comes in the second time to the wild classroom and tell them who's in charge, once and for all.  This is the scene where the kid throws the pop can and He (Tom) turns around and throws it back. Denise

Last of the Dogmen: I can't believe that there aren't more entries on this movie. Tom's acting was superb. I have to agree with Meggy, that my favorite scene would have to be the second kiss.  Also with Tab too, I'm partial to movies that have stories about Indians in them. Probably because I love the history of "The Native American Indians" no matter what tribe the movies  would happen to be about.  Rhonda
My favorite scene of Tom Berenger was from Betrayed-- he and Katie went to his house to get some beer and he wiggled his eyebrows, indicating they were all alone without kids... It made me melt and wish it was possible to jump in the screen and take Katie's place! Stefi

In Praise of Older Women One Man's Hero Betrayed

Someone To Watch Over Me: My favorite scene is in Someone to Watch Over Me where Mike confesses his love affair to his wife. His tears are very beautiful and sexy. For me Tom is the best actor in the world. Chiharu/Japan

Betrayed: Tom's whole performance in this film was remarkable because it was such a dichotomy of two different men in one body. The loving father/gentle, caring boyfriend and the hateful racist murderer. A transition which he convincingly  made numerous times throughout the film. That takes a remarkable talent to do that and yet he still made you fell compassion and sympathy for the character. Amazing! In the first scene that he shows the flip side of his character was truly shocking to me. I remember just staring at him and saying out loud, "Oh, My God!" I was in disbelief, but he made it all convincingly real. Great film all the way around. Kathleen Persichino, MI

Someone To Watch Over Me: My favorite scene is from Someone to Watch Over Me, when Tom is showing Mimi Rogers character how to avoid being attacked. He walks with this little swagger that's just hilarious!! That scene never fails to make me laugh!! Nikki from California

One Man's Hero: My favorite scene in this important and beautiful film of war One Man's Hero. Real story of "Army of San Patricios (Year 1840),"  When Cortina (Joaquim De Almeida), request at John Riley (Tom Berenger), what is Marta (Daniela Romo), You for ?  And John Riley reply that Marta for he is the Mexico (Messico).This Film is full of Feeling and of Honour, values, from protect and teach in the New Millenium. Fabio R. from Italy

Someone to Watch Over Me: The relationship between Mike and Claire is so sexy, but notice how Ridley Scott shows NOTHING but some kissing.  I think that is what makes the movie sexy. It is so tastefully done.  And I felt so sad; why couldn't they be together? I wanted them to be! But then, I knew if they were that everything would change and he'd find it was not worth losing his family. The scene I watched again (twice!) was when they are dancing at the part at her father's music school.  The way he looks at her...everything is in his eyes.  And he tenderly kisses her hand and holds her...ooooooh! My heart breaks! E from Texas

At Play in the Fields of the Lord: One of my most favorite movies is in At Play in the fields of the Lord.  When Tom is in the Forest and comes upon Darryl Hannah who was swimming.  He approaches her and begins kissing her, she allows this to happen, but when she realizes what is happening, she runs away. The scene is very touching because Tom's character is so gentle with her, it makes me wish I was in the scene.  He is truly a fine, fine actor who can express feelings better than most with just his beautiful eyes! Rita/Cleveland

Platoon/The Big Chill/Rough Riders: Platoon was without a doubt Tom Berenger's most piercing role. Under the deft direction of Oliver Stone, his Sgt. Bob Barnes was electrifying in a brutal philosophy of dog eat dog. Barnes and Berenger took us where we'd never dare go on our own. Seeing him in that spoiled me for anything else, though he was adorable as a goofy TV detective in The Big Chill and most credible in Rough Riders . Bev-Alberta, Canada

Someone To Watch Over Me: My favorite scene is in Someone To Watch Over Me. It hurts when Ellie Keegan is realizing the relationship between her husband Mike and Claire Gregory. He neither can lie at her nor look into her eyes. A difficult situation for both of them. Silke from Germany

Rough Riders: In the scene in Rough Riders where he fell off the chair and laughing was so natural and effortless. He really enjoyed playing Teddy's huggable and cuddly.He portrayed a really lovable husband who loved his wife deeply...a smasher!!  It was so believable that one would think that they were 'real" husband and wife in the film. The nuance suggesting their deep "love" for each other showed how marvelous their chemistry was on screen.Metaphorically speaking, it reminded me of cells....a symbiosis. Amazingly refreshing....truely a fine actor..Jenny H. from Sth Australia

Last Rites: My favorite scene is in Last Rites when he realizes that Angela is married. The look on his face is so sad. When he looks like that I would like to hug him. He looks so lost in that movie.Jannie from Holland

Sniper/Platoon: I think Tom is at his best playing a soldier. I thought he was the real deal in Sniper, but in Platoon when he confronts Sheen in their tent and there is a halo of lights behind him and he says " Mister I am your reality" powerful stuff ! Brad C

Rustler's Rhapsody/Platoon/Shoot To Kill/Major League: It's a bit of a tossup between Rustler's Rhapsody, Platoon, Shoot To Kill, and Major League. I'd say the best scene would be, is near the end of Platoon, when Charlie Sheen points the AK-47 rifle at a fallen and burned Tom Berenger. Tom, as Barnes, knows that he is about to die, and looks at Charlie with a look of defeat. He just knows that this kid is going to kill him. When he utters that line, "Do it," and Charlie kills him with three slugs in the chest, I was cheering for Charlie. Tom really played a nasty, brutish character in Platoon. A character that got he deserved. Truly a memorable scene in film history. And the most physically demanding. Sandman

In Praise of Older Women: I think the scene where Tom attempts to seduce that beautiful doll Susan Strasberg with the rose at the cafe in In Praise of Older Women is really funny and sexy.It's also a very human scene: through his voice and movements, Tom evokes that even a guy as handsome as him can be insecure at times.There are two memorable seconds that I can recall in my head now-Susan's warm, wide smile as she accepts, and Tom retrieving the rose and holding it to his nose, with this real mischievous grin on his face.Two of the most incredible faces ever on film in the same scene! John S. New York City

The Avenging Angel: I recently saw The Avenging Angel for the first time. The scene where Eliza brings Miles the gun in jail is just so charged with emotion. You just know that the two of them will have to end up together. Sally

Platoon: My favorite Tom Berenger scene is in Platoon. When he puts a bullet into that Vietnamese  woman and then threatening the man with killing his little daughter unless the man would reveal certain information. This scene is so charged, that I get all choked up and teary eyed. I see the tragedy of the Barnes character in that the horror of war is too overwhelming for him that he will take any measure to silence it. Andrew, Los Angeles, CA

Major League: One of my favourite scenes is in Major League when Tom goes up to what he thinks is Rene Russo's apartment, only to find it is her boyfriends place, and they have friends there. He looks so gorgeous and sexy how could she not choose him. I think this film shows Tom at his most handsomest. Sian Declaire

Gettysburg: It has to be when Tom - as Longstreet - smokes a cigar during the first presentation of him in the movie, the tent scene. He smokes with style and has the most dignified and impressive posture in movie history. A truly magnificent actor! Pablo

Betrayed: My favourite scene is in Betrayed near the end, when Gary lies in the bed next to Katie pretending not to know, that she is a FBI-agent. The love, hurt and anguish in his eyes is horrific - I cry overtime I see it. Lise

Sniper: Miller said, "Whenever the rush is over, it hurts, doesn't it?" Beckett answered to Miller, "..the worst is..." Having a deep sorrow and pain in his mind, this strict, skilled, lonely sniper is still strong and warm. Thomas Beckett is so beautiful!!! Mitsuko from Japan

Last of the Dogmen: Every scene that Tom is in is my favorite. Of course, I'm a bit partial. Tab Murphy Writer/Director 'Last of the Dogmen'

Body Language/If Tomorrow Comes: Dramatic scenes -Body Language when he is lying on the bed dying and he looks at Dora with tears on his eyelashes as he gasps out his last breath. I always rewind the tape to see him alive again. For comedy scenes If Tomorrow Comes. He is on the carousel with Uncle Willy and makes a face at him and starts throwing light bulbs at him. This scene always makes me laugh. Marilyn

Last of the Dogmen: My favorite Tom Berenger film would have to be Last of the Dogmen.  I'll never forget coming home from work one day and my husband had rented it. When he comes back at the end to find Barbara Hershey, the love he has for her is just too much to handle.  Tom is a fabulous actor.  I haven't found a movie yet that he has done that I haven't liked.  He will ALWAYS be my favorite actor. Diane from Indiana

Betrayed: One of my favorites is from Betrayed. The scene where Tom and Debra are at the window in the Motel. The window blocks all but his eyes, and this really shows how much emotion he can put into just those eyes. The subject goes from family, and they're so warm and smiling, to ice cold steel, in seconds, when he talks about his hatred activities...  every emotion is right there in the eyes! Jean from Texas

Shoot to Kill: The scene he's shouting, "Sarahhhh!" ...oh that unforgettable expression of despair on his face. Keiko from Japan

An Occasional Hell: My favorite scene was at the very end, when Ernie and Elizabeth joined hands in front of her house. You could just tell they were going to get married and he would raise those two children as his own, and have a couple of more. And she would take good care of him and make sure he got enough rest and a proper diet to manage his condition. I love happy endings. Ellen from W.Virginia

Shattered: ..blew my mind! The moment when Tom reached down into that vat of toxic stuff and pulled up that body by the shoulders...only to be staring at his own face! I couldn't believe it! Tom played that scene so well. It's not too many times that a movie plot surprises me, but this one did it in spades. Cindy from Holland


Please E-mail me at describing your favorite Tom Berenger movie scene. Submissions may be edited for space.

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