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10/09 : We're BACK! Did you have any trouble finding us? Tom Berenger Online has moved to a new home! Please update your bookmark with our new address: We're not sure how long Geocities will keep our forwarding link valid, so don't forget to use our new address.

We're happy you want us to stay! Thank you for all the private emails & guestbook entries telling us you want us to keep providing you with the ONLY complete source of Tom Berenger information on the web.

10/09 : Inception, Tom's new film with Leonardo DiCaprio, is generating a lot of exciting buzz! Being teased as "a contemporary sci-fi thriller set within the architecture of the mind," the official website reveals nothing except a spinning top, the trailer comes at you at warp seed, and the on-set reportings are few. The mystery is only exciting fans more about this Christopher Nolan film. Word is this film has fans chomping at the bit and will do great opening business when it is released in next July. A great resource to keep an eye on is Nolan Fans official website HERE. Below is Tom on the set.




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